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D5200 Selective Color

The DSLR cameras these days seem to have way too many features and sadly most of these remain unused because people do not even understand why they must be used! It almost seems like the manufacturer promises to load the next camera with 15 new features and so the engineers work to somehow have those features, irrespective of whether they would be of any use or not. The Nikon D5200 also has a number of these features that are used by very few people actually. However, not all of these features are just there for show and some of them are really intelligent and useful. The Selective Color feature is among them. With the help of this feature, you can make parts of the picture colorful and parts of it monochromatic. Continue reading

Nikon D5200 Review and Overview

The D5200 is an excellent new camera from the house of Nikon. The D5200 comes as an upgrade to the very popular D5100. The camera has a great autofocus feature. Much like its predecessor, it also has a movable LCD screen and the Live View feature that allows you to shoot images and movies while holding the camera remotely.

The D5200 has the amazing 24 megapixel sensor of the D3200, the AF capacity of the high-end D7000 and is also available in two unique shades – red and brown. These features set the camera apart from many of its competitors. Additionally, the camera is quite light and has a hollow feel to it, making it easy to carry around.
The D5200 doesn’t have all the functions and features of a D7000, but that is alright simply because most of the people don’t even use these features. The D5200 is therefore a fine option for those people who look to shoot great images with a camera that is competitively priced (the D5200 is priced at $800).
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