Nikon D5200 vs Nikon D5000

The D5200 is a newer DSLR camera from the house of Nikon. Many people using a Nikon D5000 may want to know if the former is good enough to be considered for an upgrade. If you too are wondering about the same thing, take a look at the comparisons between the two cameras.

When it comes to resolution, there is a big difference between the two cameras. While the D5000 is a 12 megapixel camera, the D5200 is a whopping 24 megapixel camera. This obviously has an effect on the resolution and you end up with sharper and more defined images with a D5200.

The D5200 has a cool feature with the help of which you can have the geographical location of the images tagged on them. This feature is not found in the D5000.

Video Mode
The D5200 has a video specification of 1080p 30 FPS as compared to D5000’s 720p 24 FPS. This clearly shows that the D5200 can capture better quality videos. This is possible due to the better resolution of the D5200 and also its high frame rate.

When it comes to the autofocus feature, the D5200 outshines the D5000 once again. With 39 points of AF, the D5200 is the clear winner here. The D5000 on the other hand has only 11 AF points to its credit.

Audio and microphone
The videos and movies you record in the D5200 would surely have a better sound quality because the camera has an external mic jack where you can insert a microphone to collect the sounds better. This feature is not found in the D5000 and you have to depend on the inbuilt microphone to pick up the sounds.

There is not much to choose between the two cameras when it comes to speed as the D5200 is only marginally quicker than the D5000 in this respect. While the D5000 shoots at 4 FPS, the D5200 shoots at 5 FPS.

Battery performance
The D5000 has a better battery life and takes more shots between charges than the D5200. After a single charge, the D5000 can take approximately 510 shots as compared to D5200’s 500 shots.

Image quality
Since the D5200 has a higher resolution than the D5000, it clicks sharper images. Also, the former has a Panorama Capture feature and a 3D Capture feature which enables it to take better images. With the absence of these advanced features, the D5000 is not always able to keep up with the pace of the D5200.

Similarities between the Nikon D5000 and the Nikon D5200
The two cameras have some similarities between them as well. Let us take a look at them:
• Sensor size – Both the cameras have almost the same sized sensors at 367 in² vs 373 in².
• Lens – The D5200 and the D5000 both have lenses that are interchangeable.
• RAW Files – Both the cameras are capable of capturing RAW files, along with JPEG files.
• LCD Screen – The LCD screens of the Nikon D5200 and the Nikon D5000 are both swivel screens and you can adjust and move them around when you want to.

Though the D5200 is a newer and more advanced DSLR, the D5000 still is a popular camera and has some great features. If you are an amateur photographer or want a camera to shoot family events, a D5000 would work just fine. Always remember that a camera is not judged on its megapixel count alone. The way you use the camera would make a huge difference. So remember this point before you buy your camera.

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