Nikon D5200 VS Nikon D7000

The D5200 and the D7000, both from the house of Nikon, are excellent DSLR cameras. And since they are priced almost similarly, the two products are constantly compared against each other. If you too are looking for a comparison of the two cameras, read on to know which camera has what features and which camera you should buy.

Reasons that make the D5200 a good camera

1. The Sensor – Much like the Nikon D3200, the Nikon D5200 also has a 24 megapixel sensor that allows you to shoot high quality images and movies. If you have prior experience shooting with a D3200, you will be able to understand this feature better. So compare the images clicked by the D3200 and the D7000 and you will be in a better position to judge the sensor of the D5200.

2. Movie recording – The D5200 has a great video recording feature where it is capable of running at 50 to 60 FPS. This proves to be very advantageous for people who use their DSLRs to shoot videos regularly.

3. Vari-angle screen – The only DSLR to boost of such a monitor, the D5200 scores ahead of its competitors with the help of this feature. People who have only used point and shoot cameras before would especially be lured by this feature.

4. Light weight – As compared to the D7000, the D5200 is a much lighter camera, weighing almost 200 grams lesser. It is therefore easier to carry the camera around.

Reasons that make the D7000 a good camera

1. Extra card slot – The D7000 has an extra card slot. This helps in increasing the memory storage and you can click as many images and videos as you want without having to worry about space issues. A great feature indeed!

2. Larger viewfinder – The viewfinder, or the area through which you see the scene before capturing it, is larger in the D7000 as compared to the D5200. The sides get a little cropped in the D5200, but you get a wider, panoramic capture in the D7000. The magnification feature is also more defined in the D7000, enabling you to understand the image accurately.

3. Shooting speed – The D7000 is capable of shooting at 6 FPS, which is 20% faster than the D5200. It also have a 2x faster maximum shutter speed as compared to the D5200 and this allows you to capture fast moving objects with ease.

4. Improved bracketing – The D7000 has an improved bracketing feature with Active D-Lighting as well as flash bracketing. This proves to be useful especially when you shoot indoors.

5. Lens compatibility – If you already have a pre AF-S lens, then you would most definitely want to go for a D7000, as between these two cameras, only the D7000 would allow you to use the AF option with a pre AF-S lens.

Which camera to buy?

There really is no major difference between the Nikon D5200 and the Nikon D7000. However, if you are willing to pay such a price, it would definitely be advisable to go for the D7000 simply because just at $100 extra, you get a camera that has more features. It also has a longer battery life as compared to the D5200. If however you are only concerned about the 24 megapixel sensor, then it would make more sense for you to go for the D3200 as in that camera too you find a 24 megapixel sensor, but at half the price! Go for the D5200 or the D7000 if you are a more serious photographer and use your PSLR to shoot videos regularly.

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